Mountain Biking Tours

San Francisco, Marin California

Mountain Bike Tours 

One person private tour 1/2 day– $210
Two or more private tour 1/2 day – $165 per person

Stoked SF will guide you to the best Mountain Biking in Marin and the San Francisco Bay Area.

As we mentioned, your group needs to bring nothing but a hunger for adventure. We provide full suspension Marin bikes, helmets, gloves and hydration packs, and a private tour, customized just for you and your particular skill level. Have you ever shown up to a brand new location and wished that you could connect with some local riders to show you around? Think of us as those locals, and we are more than happy to give you the ultimate tour. We don’t believe in mass tour groups, and because of this, can give you a local perceptive on adventures that are off the beaten path.

mountain bike tour san francisco california


We cater to all mountain bike skill levels, from beginner to expert riders. You don’t have to be a mountain bike pro to enjoy what Marin has to offer. We tailor the mountain bike tour to exactly the level of the group.

Beginner riders will be able to get out and experience mountain biking in a controlled and safe environment. We will take you to breathtaking views complimented by trails that will be a perfect match to your skill level. If you have the desire to get outdoors and exercise, then we will provide access to the perfect day without the distraction of being out of your comfort zone.

Intermediate mountain bikers will get off the fire roads and explore flowing single track with mild climbs, changing landscapes and epic views with long, windy descents.

Expert riders will enjoy solid climbs, amazing singletrack, and descents with an increased level of difficulty. We will take you to the terrain you want to ride, from technical downhill to aggressive cross country. It’s your choice. We love it all.

mountain bike tour

The primary point we want to communicate is that we are here to serve you. Let us know what you want to ride, see, eat, talk about, etc, and we’ll take care of the rest.

A final and equally important point we’d like to make is that we can also blend the tour to beginner and intermediate riders. Perfect for couples who want to enjoy an experience together but may not be on the same level. We understand and will accommodate, it’s all about enjoying Marin, we will plan the perfect day.

We love what we do; we offer the best equipment, the best trails, and guides that you’ll want to put in your pocket and take home with you.

We hope to have the opportunity to show you our backyard.

Mountain Bike Tour Rates

One person private tour 1/2 day– $210
Two or more private tour 1/2 day – $165 per person
This is for the riders who want to get a workout and see what Marin has to offer. All levels Welcome, beginner to expert.

1/2 Day Tours
Tours usually take +/- 4 hours – Depends on fitness and ability of rider
This is a private tour, we do not mix groups together – full suspension Marin bike, fox helmet, and gloves are included in the price.

It’s your day, enjoy it.

mountain bike tour san francisco ca



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