Surfing Tours

Surfing Tours

Obviously when you step foot in the state of California, you automatically have to learn to surf. Watch any television commercial, and it’s plain to see that we here in the Golden State surf everywhere we go.

Ok, that’s not necessarily true, but there are amazing breaks all over the Bay Area and though the water tends to be a little bit on the colder side, all you have to do is wear a wet suit, and the pay off is unlike any other. Our backyard has some of the best surfing on the West coast. We will take you to the surf breaks that match your level of experience. Beginner and intermediate surfers will enjoy smaller, manageable waves in order to sharpen their skills, while the more advanced surfers will be stoked with our local breaks; we know what you want and will be happy to take you there.

We have traveled the world extensively searching for the waves. We always love connecting with local rippers to make the experience special and spend less time looking and more time riding. We provide surfing tours in order to give the same kind of treatment to surfers that pass through our area. You will get the VIP treatment with Stoked SF. Once again, this is a private tour, we do not mix groups. The day is yours, and yours alone.

Surfing is life, and thanks the incredible selection of spots we have at our disposal, you can prepare to have yours changed for the better.

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